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Anil Persaud

Mr. Anil Persaud

Associate Professor

E-mail: anil[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Associate Professor , School of Global Affairs


PhD in History


2018 – Present Associate Professor in Global Studies, School of Global Affairs, Ambedkar University Delhi

2011 – 2018 Assistant Professor in History, School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi, India.

2015 Visiting Scholar (six months) at the Department of History, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

2010 – 2011 Funded Research Project with SEPHIS - “Rethinking Histories, Nations, Societies and Trans-Regional Connections”; project title: “Troubling memories: a history of identities from India, South Africa and Argentina”

2007 – 2010 Post Doctoral Research Scholar with the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Project title: Plants, People & Work: The Social History of Cash Crops in Asia, 18th to 20th Centuries.

2007 – 2008 Researcher with the Indian Indentured Labour Archive Project at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Janpath, New Delhi.

My Zone / Area of Expertise

Caribbean History


2003-2005 Shastri Indo-Canadian PhD Fellow.


“A New Kind of Human: Reading Achille Mbembe”. Interview with Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee in The Wire, 16/01/2017

“A Nebulous Nexus” a review of Empire, Industry and Class: The imperial nexus of jute, 1840-1940. Author: Anthony Cox, Routledge 2013, in Indian History, Vol 1, January 2014: 185-188

“Transformed over Seas: Medical Comforts aboard 19th Century Emigrant Ships.” Chapter in Labour Matters: Towards Global Labour History. Eds, Marcel van der Linden and Prabhu P. Mohapatra. New Delhi: Tulilka Press, 2009.

“The trail where they cried” a review of Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World. Eds, Emma Christopher, Cassandra Pybus and Marcus Rediker, University of California Press, 2007, in Studies in History, Sage Publications, 24, 1 (2008): 166-169

“The Civility of Things: Unnatural Practices and Making Value(s) in the British Sugar Colonies.” Refereed in WADABAGEI: A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Diaspora Volume 10, Number 3 2007.

Seminar / Conferences

November 2018: “Following Slavery and the Question of the Witness” at ‘The Migrant and the State: From Colonialism to Neoliberalism’ conference held at TISS Patna

June 2017: “To dread or not to dread? Rodney, Stuart Hall and the Subject of Survival” presented at the ‘Whither the Caribbean?’ - Conference in Honour of Stuart Hall, 2017, organised by The Institute of Caribbean Studies and Reggae Studies Unit

The Stuart Hall Foundation and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mona Campus

University of the West Indies.

September 2015: “A Working Animal’s History of Sugar”, presented at the Department of History, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Weekly Seminar Series.

April 2015: “The Role of Faculty vis-à-vis the Field in Development Practice”, presented at the ‘Research and education for rural development and food security to build resilient rural environments: Australian and Indian perspectives’ Symposium organized by the Centre for Development Practice, Ambedkar University Delhi.

November 2014: “The Two ‘Indians’ of the Americas”, presented at the ‘The Komagata Maru Incident and the History of Indian Labour Migration’ workshop, organised by the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) to commemorate the centenary of the Komagata Maru incident. Held at the Osmania University, Hyderabad.

May 2013: “Behind the Bench: Pollution and Conversion in One Act” as a part of the Panel discussion titled ‘Voices of Protest: Remembering Ambedkar and his Thoughts’, Ambedkar University Delhi