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Ambedkar University Delhi’s undergraduate programmes at Karampura Campus aim to offer its students a unique liberal arts education that acquaints them with diverse approaches to knowledge. The undergraduate programmes at AUD encourage students to think critically and creatively, to analyse and reason, to communicate effectively, and to draw evidence-based conclusions. It aims to achieve a balance between the range and depth of the subjects studied.

The unique aspect of undergraduate programmes at AUD is that there are common courses for foundational skills comprising language, writing skills, communication skills, analytical reasoning as well as introductory orientation to the social sciences. This is done through a blend of common foundational courses, languages, major courses and a wide range of elective courses. Students experience the flexibility of choosing courses from more than one interdisciplinary area in order to develop a broader perspective on social sciences and humanities. They also have the opportunity to transfer from one programme to another, provided they meet certain criteria.